The Ins and Outs of Finding a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist

Everything I'm about to tell you in regards to finding a sugar daddy online is gonna rock your world...

And it'll probably go against everything you have heard about what NOT to do in sugar daddy dating.

Why I Would Prefer to be a Lesbian Escort Rather than a Straight One

If there's one thing I struggle with talking about on this risque as hell blog, it's escorting work

Call me a hypocrite. Call me contradicting. I don't condone it. Buuuut....there are exceptions to what would ever make me consider it...

6 Not-Boring Ways to Make Money Online...and When You're Home Alone

I am guessing that a large number of the people new to making money online probably struggle with either 1 of 2 things:

They either A) feel inhibited to pursue working from home because of all the scams or they B) don't know of the right opportunities.

How to Tell a Fake Sugar Daddy from a Real One

You know that old adage about listening to your gut? Now would be a good time to recall that wisdom.

Yes, I consider it wisdom, not just a cliche that applies to a select amount of people. The fact of the matter is that everyone has intuition. That tingly feeling on your skin when you feel fear, that sense that something is wrong, you know.

The same inner knowing should especially be exercised when it comes to the world of online/offline adult work and sugar dating. 

How to Attract the HOTTEST Sugar Baby for You!

If there's anything that Craigslist is good for, it's finding used refrigerators and crappy cell phones, not finding a sugar baby. 

The same goes for sugar babies too. Anyone can post a Craigslist ad. For that reason, I don't recommend putting all your Easter eggs in one Classifieds basket, sugars, because there is little promise there on a free space where anybody and anyone's grandma can lurk about.

Escorts vs. Sugar Babies - What's the Difference?

And the Oh No He Didn't Award of the Year goes to a Tommy Davidson* for asking 'what's the difference?' in response to my question about whether or not he was putting an ad out for an escort (not me) or a sugar baby (that's more like it).

The Absolute DOs and DONT's of Meeting People Offline

Safety first, you hardworking hotties and sugars. 

In the adult work and entertainment industry, there are a multitude of safety precautions that you must take if you want to make all your work worthwhile at the end of the day. 

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