Escorts vs. Sugar Babies - What's the Difference?

And the Oh No He Didn't Award of the Year goes to a Tommy Davidson* for asking 'what's the difference?' in response to my question about whether or not he was putting an ad out for an escort (not me) or a sugar baby (that's more like it).
The trolling that occurs on sugar dating sites is far too common. These are men are what many call trolls, trolling around and with no intention of supporting a woman in the way she needs him too, in the way a sugar daddy really ought to by definition. They are predators who target these impressionable women, knowing full well that many are in dire need of assistance and probably desperately willing to do just about anything for financial stability.

Let me translate that for you.

It means insta-budget hooker.

This misrepresentation negatively impacts not just babies but many in the adult work industry and dating lifestyle. Trolls aren't unfamiliar as they're better known as shoppers elsewhere. Just ask a travel agent or a marketing consultant and they'll tell you. Shoppers are the worst.

More on that another time, I'm sure. I simply allude to that anecdote for the fact that it's one of many illustrations of what frustrates the bajeezus out of us sugar babies. I have most certainly heard of babies turned escorts and vice versa. Sometimes these young, sexy men and women can swing both. 

Take Rachel of the FOX hit series, Glee, and her smoking hot NYC boyfriend [whose name does not really matter]. 

Escort versus a Sugar Baby
Move, you gray shirt and blue jeans! You're blocking the view.

He was a gigolo and managed to pass off his work for drug dealing so that a suspicious and inquiring girlfriend would get off his back. Personally, I don't encourage lying. It's always best to tell the truth even if it's just the partial truth...but let me get off my pulpit.

The point is that sugar babies in contrast with escorts both have explicit differences, but it's not to say that some can't be both. Yet it's not to be assumed that baby will do escort work even if he or she obviously says that sex is okay in an arrangement.

If you're still scratching your head, read on. 

Let's talk about sex, baby!

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An escort typically has top dollar rates for a session with a client. These are going to run anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more depending on one's experience and allure. Things are strictly a business transaction involving sex and maybe (just maybe) some companionship for prior activities like a meet and greet over lunch. 

The easiest way to spot an escort-loving troll online is to read that person's ad or profile. Tell-tale signs that there is no serious commitment from that person to sustain a truly mutually beneficial, genuine, quality arrangement is a profile and an initial message that only covers sex. 

A sugar baby, folks, is much like a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Sugar daddies seek their babies because they typically want a girlfriend experience (GFE). I like how Futurescope puts it in their blog on the many perks of being a daddie. I always take note of this one point, which is that sugars have plenty among plenty that the other wants. There's no wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am like there is a merely transactional, business escort-client relationship. In my biased opinion, an arrangement between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is and should be more deeply gratifying. 

When it comes to money in sugar dating, it's called an allowance and the transaction can happen on a reoccurring basis as agreed upon by the daddie and the baby. It's not uncommon for them to agree upon a pay-per-play arrangement. After all, it takes a deep level of trust and respect for one another for someone to automate funds and gifts without direction interaction with the other.

Do tell: did I leave anything out about the core differences that gentlemen (cougars too!) need to know about sugar babies and escorts? If so, enlighten me in the comments.

Stay hot and sweet!

*Name has been changed

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