How to Attract the HOTTEST Sugar Baby for You!

If there's anything that Craigslist is good for, it's finding used refrigerators and crappy cell phones, not finding a sugar baby. 

The same goes for sugar babies too. Anyone can post a Craigslist ad. For that reason, I don't recommend putting all your Easter eggs in one Classifieds basket, sugars, because there is little promise there on a free space where anybody and anyone's grandma can lurk about.

The small financial investment that you would make up front signing up for popular dating sites will be well spent and more than worthwhile. This goes for the sugar babies too. 

I'm going to reveal hard but tough love truth if the thought of doling out money for a dating site makes you hesitate:

If you're tight with your money now, you're most likely not cut out to be a sugar daddy. 

That's no reflection on you nor anyone else who makes a modest income and yet cannot afford to lavish a percentage of it on another young beauty. I don't think that makes every tight-pocketed arrangement seeker a troll either. I ran into a number of people who were really eager about jumping into the deep end without first being able to swim. You catch my drift, here?

If you're a no-nonsense kind of guy, you're right in your element by pursuing a sugar baby. 

The next matter at hand maybe isn't so much about where (more on that in a bit) as much as it's what you say and do once you set up your profile up, or get out there and mingle with a swarm of beautiful women. 

Step 1. Envision your ideal sugar baby.

You know what you like when you see it. Talk about those things. If you're open minded to a certain kind of woman and her appearance, say so. If you have more rigid specifications, say that instead. Believe me, it would be better you put the red light up for someone who's just not your type from the beginning rather than have to reject a slew of uninteresting messages.

Step 2. Write like you're talking to your dream woman. - the best Sugar Daddy personals and Sugar Baby Female dating site!
  • Your hobbies
  • Your prominence in your occupation
  • Your fitness
  • Your experience level as a sugar daddy
  • Your libido -- be especially real, guys, if that's what you want

There's no need to write an immense amount of information. The important fact is that you highlight your supreme qualities in a concise and polite way. Take the sample profile below as inspiration:

About Me

I'm an established professional, financially secure, highly educated and very successful, driven in both the work place and after hours. 

Regular cycling, watching sports, traveling, spending time with family, and curling up with a good Tom Clancy novel once and again really lights my fire too. I'd love for a lady to be into any of these things as well. 

What I'm Seeking

Taking care of a beautiful, young and intelligent woman comes quite naturally to me and I take immense pleasure in being able to do so for the right gal. Is that you?

Ideally, I'd love to stay just as active with her as much as I already do myself. Even more wonderful it would be if she were the long walks on the beach type, a sexy and sultry someone who could let down her hair after a long day.

If you have the option to add a headline, summarize the main point of your About Me section, or use a slick yet suave phrase with words like "spoil" and "generous" to catch their eyes. Never say "just looking" or "giving this a try" because it's about the most anti-sugar daddy thing to write.

Step 3. Choose an attractive picture. 

One of the simplest ways to set your profile apart is by, one that is recent and flattering and not from more than 3-4 years ago. It's another big no-no using pictures of you taken with a group of other men, from far away, or in poor lighting. Professional actor head shots aren't necessary and might make you look too good to be true anyway. 

And viola! By using these three simple steps, you will have much more traction with the beautiful women ready to flock to you.

How are you faring as a sugar daddy? What techniques did you employ to find your sweetest sugar baby? Tell me in the comments below.

Stay hot and sweet!

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