The Absolute DOs and DONT's of Meeting People Offline

Safety first, you hardworking hotties and sugars. 

In the adult work and entertainment industry, there are a multitude of safety precautions that you must take if you want to make all your work worthwhile at the end of the day. 

That's code for I'd like for you to return to your home in one hot, sizzling piece.

Before I get to my recommended list, I want to share a not-so-good experience I had. It was my own tussle with risk. The moment it happened I told myself 'that's my boundary right there...and now I know where it is so I won't dare come close to crossing it in the future'

I was IMing a man around Christmas of 2013 and so far he seemed like a promising fucking candidate. Skip to the part where he was about to stand me up from our meeting although I said I was on my way only moments before, and he was talking about meeting that night to begin with--I was so revolted by his immaturity instantly. I could have, and should have taken a god damn cab back. I didn't and as a result he maximized on the opportunity to inappropriately touch me while driving me home that night...not to mention how he lied that he would come back after visiting his friend so we could continue with our visit and seal the arrangement. 

That's not flattery, that's not "support" by getting a 3-mile ride home, that's assault and I would be damned if it happened to anyone else. 

Learn from my mistake, my loves. I could have been chopped to pieces. Luckily for this man, had I not been acting out of stupidity and a lapse of judgement, he's lucky his hand wasn't chopped to pieces either. 

The Safety DOs of Online Dating

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Listen to your gut. Yes, literally, your gut. According to yogic tradition, there are 7 main centers of energy in the body. The third up from the base of your spine is the sacral chakras (aka third chakra or yellow chakra) and it governs self-esteem, personal power, and confidence among other things. You know that shock you feel deep down when something isn't right, when you ought to stand up for something, when someone seems off, or when you should do (or not do) something--that's your inner yellow talking, hon. 

Stay accountable to at least one trustworthy person. I didn't know what the hell I was doing at first when I began pursuing arrangements. I knew I needed for someone local to be in the light about my activities 100% in the event that I met my maker and authorities had to send out the search squad. At the very least, they would have known where I was. Worst won't come to worse if you act smart, but it doesn't change the fact that someone needs to know how to contact or retrieve you in the event that you find yourself stranded with an idiotic character like the one I met.

Just show your privates. Okay, I just had to play with that one to make you curious. I really mean you should set up a separate email and phone number for your online interactions with people whom you don't quite know. Only give the benefit of the doubt once you have reached a comfortable point and you know that you can trust this new person. Make that judgement call after you meet face to face and have several conversations. 
Tip: You can easily set up a separate number using Skype, Google Voice, or a simple prepaid phone. 

Watch your items carefully. Keep a careful eye on your drinks if you're out dining (roofies are a bad flavor). If you have to go to the bathroom, drink up before you excuse yourself. Keep your possessions with you closely too. Neither am I anyone to have ever shamed a man for discretely holding his wallet under the table while he counted out cash for the bill. For all he knows, I could be a secret society, world class butt-kicker with a knack for jacking rich people. 

The Safety DON'Ts of Online Dating

Avoid revealing exclusive information unnecessarily. If you have set out to meet in a public place with someone, it should not matter as much where you live. You can generally reference cities, but avoid key landmarks and specific street names. There's also no need to send out raunchy photos of yourself--or to be pressured into any form of "sexting"--if you don't want to. You have every right to say that you wouldn't do so and you shouldn't even have to do that in an arrangement if you don't want to. This applies to either side. That information floating around cyberspace, especially something like a nude photo, could do so much damage that you wouldn't even know what hit you. 

Stay away from the spirits. It wasn't an awful night entirely when I met one individual, but there were some negative aspects for sure that raised sure-fire red flags. With alcohol involved, I ended up taking a cab to meet these unsober drivers at the new location. Besides, alchy inhibits judgement which makes it 10 times easier to do regrettable things or to be taken advantage of. Have wine, 1 or 2 glasses at the most, if you want. Nothing else and no more. You'll be glad you took me up on this one when it comes time to travel back home. 

Never allow yourself to be pressured into ANYTHING. Don't want a ride home? Don't take it. Do you detest bars and places with alchy on the menu? Don't go. Don't want to leave the  public arenas? Don't let yourself be wooed into secluded areas. The formula is simple. Don't do what you don't want to do no matter how much anyone is pressuring you. In the event you feel like you may be compromised, you have every right to leave immediately the very moment you no longer feel comfortable with a date. It would be wise to have your own way home or fare for public transit in this case.

All of these tips I covered are some of the basics, but if you follow them you won't have to worry about much else as long as you have backup plans and street smarts. 

Stay hot and sweet and safe!

Do you have any other safety tips? Share them in the comments below.

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