The Sugar Baby's Top 10 Dealbreakers

Fellas, I love my gentleman out there. You make my heart sing. You make me feel more than butterflies in my stomach. Your brains and good looks are a match made in heaven 

I'm certainly not ashamed to give you a peek underneath the skirt of what really sets a woman off about a potential sugar daddy, though. 

Down below are my top dealbreakers that will get a message deleted by myself and many other sugar babies. Of course, that's at best because I can't vouch for everyone. I always strive to show dignity, courtesy, consideration, and respect to anyone I come into contact with, but it doesn't mean that things don't grind my gears. 

Okay, let's get down and dirty, shall we?

1) Requesting pictures without as much as a 'hello'

I should add that it deletes major points if someone has not even bothered with filling out the simplest information for his online sugar daddy profile. 

2) Asking to see full body pictures

Us sugars are delectably delicious and sweet, and it's certainly alright to want to be teased and tantalized by a baby, but it's not okay to make her out like a cam girl or online porn star unless the daddy is ready to pour into her.

3) Writing slang and internet colloquialisms

We can laugh out loud in our own time. If something is funny, an exclamation point and one smiley face is all a girl needs to giggle.

Oh, and there is something about HMU ("hit me up") that dries up my lake faster than a drought in Arizona in August.

4) Joking about inappropriate things

I'm dead serious when I say that someone actually made his first line of introduction, "So, should I shoot you now or later?" and I had to awkwardly pretend like I didn't hear it. That's not funny and it would equally as bad if it were coming from a potential sugar baby. 

5) Failing to correct to typos

No one is perfect. Nuh uh, nope. I have been writing all my life and I still catch some blurps and hiccups in my stuff. 

A top dog CEO writing a profile About Me section wit words like dis (haha, lol!) eh. It just doesn't come across as believable that any industry would pay top dollar for that lack of mindfulness to simple grammar. - the best Sugar Daddy personals and Sugar Baby Female dating site!
6) Puffing smoke in mirrors

This could mean a lot of things:

  • A picture that's foggy not because of cam quality but because of the mirror that looks like it was last cleaned by the manufacturer
  • Uploading dated photos--trust me, someone will be able to tell the difference real quick if a photo looks like it was taken in 1992 instead of yesterday
  • False representation of information on the profile or in initial conversations--beating around the bush, stammering, declining to answer basic questions all count in my book
7) Focusing on all negative

I am a woman. I think like one too, but I can also liken my mind to what a man wants. Thank heavens for those who can be frank about it. Woe to those who are belligerent about it. 

We're talking about those who stress drama free (note: some have a really warped sense of drama), those who make a laundry list of all they don't want, and those who allude even slightly to past negative experiences. I once read a profile and prayed to the sweet gods above that this man wouldn't notice me. He had blatantly gone as far to say 'fuck you!' in his About Me. That's not charming, Prince Charming. 

8) Pleading, begging, or bargaining

It's okay if a daddy wants to support a woman and know that she will comply with what you're looking for willingly and eagerly. It's not okay to beg, try and push her boundaries through subtle manipulation, or bargain with her to give her something that is far out of his means. It has happened to me and I responded with silence and prayed for rain clouds to come and drench my dried up lake once again. As they say, talk is cheap. 

They also say if it walks like a duck...

9) Using any one of these murderous phrases 

Looking for fun
Just looking
Seeing what's out there
Giving this a try

In any kind of dating, those are killjoy phrases that communicate uncertainty. They scream shopper to a woman, especially a woman who needs a man to be assured and ready to step up in a mutually beneficial relationship. 

(See #3 above for another pet peeve phrase)

10) Being unfamiliar with the territory

There is little need for a potential baby to have to explain the stipulations of what happens in a relationship. Now, I'm not counting the times when I have explained to other men, gentlemen who were spanking new, what arrangements and sugar daddy dating entail. There's nothing wrong with being a new to an arrangement. Hey, there's a first time for everyone and everything! A daddy should research and develop is mindset if he wants to pursue his first sugar babe. Trust me, sugar babies started as an embryo at one point. It will be a royal waste of time for both parties if a man leads a woman on, gets to the first or second date and still isn't sure about how to proceed to the next step of an arrangement. 

Knowing what a sugar baby wants isn't rocket science--it's as easy as asking. 

If you have any additional questions, ask them in the comments below. 
Stay hot and sweet!

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