Okay, Sugar Daddies, Here's the Low-Down of What Sugars REALLY Want

If there are any age-old stigmas that I have heard like a broken record about sugar dating, these are the main two:
1) "Sugar babies are just gold diggers."
2) "Sugar daddy dating is just like prostitution."
There are a lot of common misconceptions, especially about taboo things that aren't exactly accepted by the mainstream. I think we all have held onto some beliefs at one point or another, beliefs that may have eventually changed.

Exhibit A: Myself

Once upon a time, I was enraptured by the Christian school of thought and all the principles of its core doctrine. After a slow and steady change of heart that lasted about as long as a pregnancy, I let go of the idea that sex is for marriage, that people who don't pray are directionless, and the list goes on. 

I'm not writing about my past, though, because I'm here today and this is now. I'm doing something so provocatively and irrevocably different than I ever have by blogging about sugar daddy dating and how women who look like gold can go for the gold from the comfort of their own home.

Gentleman, I have a few words for you too, based upon my personal experiences, positive and negative as some of them may be.

You want to know what your sugars want and how to give it to them, right?

Guess what? They're trying to figure out the exact same thing. Go easy on both of yourselves. 

"Everyone is different" -- that's one of my top mantras. It's so true and keeping it in mind has helped me as I'm sure it could help you. 

No matter if you're making $100K or $100M in the course of a year. If you have the ability to support a woman, help her feel beautiful, facilitate her health and wellness, or occasionally spoil her, your impact extends beyond what you're packing in the bank. 

It seems so easily forgotten that sugar relationships are still relationships at the end of the day. I think this New York Post article handles the sugar daddy money talk so perfectly:
Don’t make it all about money: The sugar daddy has the money, and the sugar baby has the sugar. Both have what they know the other person wants. Money may be part of the equation, but it’s not a bargaining chip. The relationship is about willfully fulfilling each other’s needs with something you can easily give. It’s not so different from knowing your wife likes flowers and sending her a bouquet every week, for example. In this case, you’re simply fast-forwarding to that phase.
 Let me tell you one of the best initial gifts you can give to your potential sugar baby up front without spending a dime:
SugarDaddyMeet.com - the best Sugar Daddy personals and Sugar Baby Female dating site!


It costs nothing but it has immeasurable value. There's nothing like pussyfooting around the matter of arrangements, and what good is there to avoid the topic of what you want when you're both knowingly on an arrangement site? 

I can attest to how refreshing it is from personal experience the candidness of a man. It doesn't mean I ever pursued an arrangement with him. It doesn't mean we had to make it past the first date or even to the first date. 

It does mean that we both saved a lot of time by being up front and addressing what we needed. 

Think of the exchange in a mutually beneficial relationship as cyclical even from the start. The lines measuring the process of give and take should intertwine so seamlessly so as to form a double helix almost, wrapping around and intertwining, facilitating an atmosphere of trust and honesty. 
How can you do that, sugar? How do you attune yourself to that double helix, intertwining spiral of energy shared between two people like yourself and a potential baby? 

This is what I recommend:

  • Granted that you're using a website, read the full profile of your potential baby (of course, after making sure that she wants an arrangement that seems to fit your bill)
  • Send her a concise message mentioning an aspect of her profile that stood out
  • Ask within the first or second message what else she wants if she didn't elaborate enough or...
  • Tell her within the first, second or third message that you're eager to support her however she would like
  • Proceed to make arrangements for the date 
  • Keep the lines of communication open until you finally meet in person
Adapt this to your own communication style. Speak in a language that is natural to you. Be brave and confident and generous with information, including the obvious questions. You will reign in a multitude of appreciation and adoration all the more. 

Stay hot and sweet! Share any questions or suggestions in the comments below. 

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