Nice (and NAUGHTY) Ways to Make Money Using Only Your Smart Phone

Making money with your smart phone just got easier and even tastier!

I love to spread a little "raunch" over my salad every once in a while if you know what I mean...

It's nobody's secret that I have done sugar daddy dating on the side of my online work to supplement my life. Girl, there's no shame in my game, at least not any more. 

In October of 2013, back when my sugary sweet muse came to me and I first decided to give sugar daddy dating a try, I did struggle with the notion that I was selling out. I had all these things going for me and yet I was still a starving artist, trying to make the writing/blogging/digital media thing work and create the income I needed to survive. 

Needless to say, I struggled with many common misconceptions about girls in the adult entertainment industry. Then I took a cold hard look at what I was doing. I stopped judging and I started listening, watching, reading, learning. I stopped limiting myself and I began to think creatively. 

That's when I knew that I could merge my love for digital and social media with blogging about topics of interest to me. Hello! I had this newfound interest in all kinds of things that were helping other young beautiful people make money in uncertain economic times. You name it:

  • Sugar Daddy Dating
  • Web Camming
  • Adult films 
  • Escort and Companion Services
  • Phone Sex and Sexting 
  • Spamming (yes, I said it!)

So here is a list of some nice--and naughty--methods plus resources that will help other beautiful people out there make money without slipping off their pajama bottoms.

Let's start with our nice list of smart phone money-makers shall we?


Who doesn't like to turn things on? With this app, making some pretty pocket change is a swipe away. The Locket app allows you to host ads and make money everytime that you unlock your android smart phone. 


It's time to extend your reach a little bit. I'm talking about your reach on social media, of course. If you have a large following on Twitter, why not make some money just by talking to them. An important note is that you get paid when users click on the links in your messages. If you want to increase your chances of getting more clicks and making a message more visible, craft different versions and use a scheduler like Hootsuite to schedule out your Twitter ads over time. 

Sponsored Tweets

Quite similar to MyLikes is Sponsored Tweets, a service that connects prominent tweeters to Twitter advertisers who want their brand to reach larger audiences. An advertiser can assign a tweet to you based upon the tags you chose to associate with your profile. You can set the price that you will charge per tweet. The main difference between MyLikes and Sponsored Tweets is that you have to wait for Sponsored Tweet advertisers to contact you. 


We can't leave our Windows Phone connoisseurs out to dry. For the one smart phone that has one of the best camera phones on the market, of course you should have a way to maximize upon all those photo goodies right at your fingertips. Scoopshoot is the app for that, and it allows you to take photos, sell them and submit them to contests. Slow your roll, my naughty loves. These photos have to be the kinds that the media will want. Don't sulk off just yet. You'll have the chance to use your naughty photos.

So, are you ready for that naughty list?

Click for the web's best phone sex on
Much like WhatsApp and SnapChat, Kik is a trending smart phone IMing application. It takes minutes to download and set up and you only connect with people of your choosing. I highly recommend this as a way to not only keep in touch with potential sugar daddies, but it's also a great way to deliver a discrete and sexy one-on-one experience to private clients for camming and picture sharing. (See? I told you I wouldn't leave you photo lovers out.) I recommend that you treat your Kik messaging like you would a cam site if you want to use it for private photo sharing sessions. Flirt with your clients and entice them to tip you via PayPal in exchange for all-access to your beauty. 

Lip Service

This is a phone sex staffing company that provides phone actors to individuals who are seeking the services. Cut past all the fluff. Just apply, put your best foot forward, write a little something sexy, and you cross your fingers that you land a job simple enough to do with your phone from the comfort of your own four walls. Sexy Jobs is another adult jobs staffing company that you will want to look into.


Babies: the next time that you're out shopping for some delectable new lingerie with your daddie, don't go without this app. Get more bang for your buck with the Ibotta smartphone app that pays you in cash and not rewards everytime you shop at participating stores. The work-at-home portion comes into play, of course, once you get back home. Keep the receipt from your daddie's purchases and snap a pic of it as proof of your purchase. Submit it through the app and get paid. It's as easy as apple pie and whipped cream.

What's Your Price

You might have joked about this with your friends once or twice, but you can actually get paid to date real men and women, no matter how crazy it seems. On What's Your Price, you would set up your profile just as you would on any normal dating or sugar dating site. The key difference is that men and women bid to take you out on dates for amounts ranging between $5 to $500. How's that for a month's rent money in one evening? 

If you have any other ideas about creative ways to make money from your smartphone, spill your beans in the comments. 
Stay hot and sweet!

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