How to Tell a Fake Sugar Daddy from a Real One

You know that old adage about listening to your gut? Now would be a good time to recall that wisdom.

Yes, I consider it wisdom, not just a cliche that applies to a select amount of people. The fact of the matter is that everyone has intuition. That tingly feeling on your skin when you feel fear, that sense that something is wrong, you know.

The same inner knowing should especially be exercised when it comes to the world of online/offline adult work and sugar dating. 

Plenty of young men and women have successfully gone onto make lucrative money from their sugar dating, but a good handful of them undoubtedly had to dig to find the real gold among the lumps of coal, shall we say.

On top of that, there are plenty more who gave up out of frustration or, worse, a traumatic experience with a dud who was posing as a sugar daddy/mama. I'm talking to a wide range of people who falls on various extremes of that spectrum. Maybe you got burned. Maybe you want to avoid getting burned by a fake sugar. 

Signs of a Fake Sugar Daddy 

1. It seems too good to be true. 

That's the harshest reality of them all and maybe the most contradicting. It's not, believe me. Let's say that you have just heard about the latest sugar dating website. LIke hell yeah, you jump on it and slap together a few "about me" lines in your profile. The responses could trickle in or they could come in on a tidal wave--it all depends. 

When you see that one outstanding profile, however, with the GQ looking man on a beachfront with the body of George Clooney, you might be inclined to message him faster than a speeding bullet. If you take a step back, you'll realize the large possibility that he may be trolling the site with a fake picture. There are attractive, suave sugar daddies (and mamas) out there, but many of them look like your everyday average joe. Sorry, hon.

If they look like their life is too much of a magazine, and especially when all they do is request access to your private gallery rather than write you back, you could find yourself dealing with a predator.

2. He can't be up front about his offer.

Talking about allowance should always be approached tactfully. In some cases, you may find that you can talk about it right away. In others, you may have to wait until a few conversations or the second date (at the latest) to fully hash out details. 

To this day, I still kick myself a little bit whenever I recall the time I met a man who gave me the greenest of green lights on our date. By the end of the night, I was a tad humiliated because I had put my foot in my mouth a few time, but surprisingly he asked me if he could give me a gift. He handed me $500 pro bono. I was absolutely stunned. 

Unfortunately, the arrangement didn't pan out because I reached out to him 1-2 days later via email, and that was too late in his eyes. He remarked that he felt he had been clear with his intentions and felt that he had put something very practical on the table to show them. I look back and I agree...god dammit. 

Not every potential is like that. In fact, some of them won't even offer any kind of money for the first date. A real sugar daddy is a busy man and if he doesn't respect your time with some kind of significant treatment or gift, then he won't be worth your time period. 

3. You get to take the lead a little too much.

'I'm new to this, but I'm open to trying new things' could easily be translated into 'I don't really know what I'm doing or if I even have the means to financially support a sugar baby, and I'm going to hop around between girls until I learn what it takes to become a real sugar daddy.' I mean everyone has to start somewhere, both the babies and the daddies/mommies. It shouldn't come with the cost of your depleted reserves for an energy vampire. That's precisely what those sugar daddy wannabes are.They'll suck you dry and not in a sexy way.

What's worse is that some men will act so submissive to the point that they're surrendering all things over to the woman to try and figure out. So help me god for the one time I flipped out at the man who wrote me on Facebook multiple times after it had become clear that he was middle class, borderline broke, and living "simply" (he had no furniture). He came off desperate in his message. He was throwing the pocket change he had at me in the hopes of something to work out. I wanted to puke. I recall the first--and only--date that we had. I could sense in my gut that talking about money was super uncomfortable back then. 

You'll know when you're dealing with a discount "sugar daddy" who doesn't have a grasp on the piggy bank. I'm telling you, listen to your gut.

It's possible to find a healthy, fulfilling and profitable arrangement without feeling like you have to settle.Stop wasting time doing sugar daddy dating the hard way. If you're seeking a straightforward way to take that online sugar relationship offline and get cracking, I would recommend Taylor B. Jone's 
Sugar Baby Survival Kit - The Sugar Baby Survival Kit

Her resources were the light at the end of the tunnel when I began sugar dating back in October of 2013. You're bound to love them too!

P.S. Got any tips or horror stories to share? Tell me in the comments.

Stay hot and sweet!

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