Why I Would Prefer to be a Lesbian Escort Rather than a Straight One

If there's one thing I struggle with talking about on this risque as hell blog, it's escorting work

Call me a hypocrite. Call me contradicting. I don't condone it. Buuuut....there are exceptions to what would ever make me consider it...

I don't condone escort work because it's just like putting lipstick on the pig of prostitution

Ladies and gents who are in that line of work: I don't judge you whatsoever. I know what it's like when you have to do what you have to do. I just hear too many horror stories about the aftermath. It doesn't seem worth the price in the end to open up one's body to multiple people.

However, there are some professional escorts who choose wisely and do a hybrid sugar daddy dating/escorting kinda thing with their benefactors. From what I have heard, that has worked. I almost fell into that myself, but I realized that I was jeopardizing my health. It wasn't about STIs and STDs. That's one piece of the body pie. 

Sex with someone should be handled delicately because it affects the whole person. In the right setting, it can be very pleasant and opening.

I didn't find that right setting. Many of the men I came into contact with weren't exuding the level of health I would have liked. I wanted to attract someone different, but it had felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

Mind you, I'm bisexual and have been pretty much my entire life. Finding a cougar or sugar mama isn't quite as popular as finding a sugar daddy is. When I searched around, it kept me going in circles. All I could find were sites with like a few dozen members in my area, and I was living in a rather metropolitan area. 

Because the search for a lesbian or bisexual sugar momma felt kind of useless, I decided to stick with what I knew. I was fortunate enough to have landed myself a pretty solid arrangement with a gentleman. There was still that itch I couldn't scratch. I craved the delicate touch of a woman. I craved the sensuality, the sensibility, and the sensitivity that she could provide over a man. Better yet, being with a woman would mean I wouldn't be preggo, yo. 

Women have a natural tendency to be experimental. Energetically, I feel much more secure and safe around them than I would with a man who would want me for a pay per play basis. 

I just don't like the idea of being a heterosexual escort. I wouldn't think twice, however, if the chance came up to be with a beautiful, affluent woman in mutually beneficial way, be it semi-casual or romantic. 

What about you ladies? 
Where do you stand with your sexuality as it is? 
If you were straight, would you ever go gay for pay? 

If you're already swinging that way, have you had any luck finding a sugar momma? Share your experiences.

Stay hot and sweet!

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