The Ins and Outs of Finding a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist

Everything I'm about to tell you in regards to finding a sugar daddy online is gonna rock your world...

And it'll probably go against everything you have heard about what NOT to do in sugar daddy dating.

We're talking Craigslist. 

The idea of finding a sugar daddy or sugar momma on a free classifieds website was, to me, downright ridiculous, damn crazy! That was until I met a girl who was just coming out of a down and out, transitional period in her life; and she had experienced notable success in using classifieds to land mutually beneficial arrangements.

All she had to go by was her gut instinct and the fact that she wanted to find a gentleman. When I asked her about dealing with all the creepers, she said that she was just honest and left little room for interpretation on their part. She ended up attracting a handful of fruitful dates.

She did get some dick pics, sure. Needless to say, she did have to whittle down her options a bit, and that's kind of the whole point regardless. 

Mind you, she didn't know of the sites that I had formerly used to find my sugar daddies: Established Men and What's Your Price, and I love these sites because they're free too! 

I especially like how she was still able to land herself some sweet deals and dates from a free platform. My gosh, almost made me rethink that girls had actually been paying for sites.

*Screech* let me not get too far ahead of myself because dating websites are totally legitimate. Sometimes the losers do fall through the cracks on even the most reputable sites. This happens everywhere...and not everyone looks like a model, honey. Fortunately, there's some added security, more or less, the fact that these men pay for those subscriptions shows they:

A. Have money and
B. Are serious about investing their time into finding a fine ass sugar baby.

There's no guarantee you won't be talking to someone in coke bottle glasses who still lives in his mom's basement, but like my friend said--and it's a damn good point--'everyone is on Craigslist!'

That means that potential sugar daddies and men with real money are likely to be perusing through every once in a while to see if a non-spambot actually posts a quality message from time to time. So what do you do when you find yourself on the cusp of meeting someone from a CL ad who seems pretty legitimate?

Tips to Help You Safely Search for a Sugar Daddy on Craigslist:

  • Use a separate, anonymous email to correspond with your candidates
  • Be honest and forthcoming about what you have and want to give - it's that simple.
  • Use the same sugar baby principles as you would when writing your standard dating profile anywhere else.
  • Don't send detailed pics until you have had a few conversations. 
  • Always meet in a public place, and do this no matter how you find your sugar.
  • Ask specific questions about their experience as a daddie, where they like to go, what they like to do--dick pics won't get this far.
  • Listen to your gut about anyone who seems fishy.
  • If the answers are one-liners, it's time to move the fuck on.

I gotta be a little real by saying that last tip. Seriously, be extra cautious if you're searching for a Craigslist sugar daddy. If you proceed with grace and charm, you'll attract the right one no matter what. Honestly, the same thing goes for sugar daddies on their search.

Would you ever try this method of finding a sugar daddy (or any kind of adult work) on Craigslist? Comment me with your own advice.

Stay hot and sweet!

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